Perimeter Scout

For military & civil applications

Unparalleled Situational Awareness, securing and safeguarding all perimeters.

Monitor and execute everything from one single UI and platform for visual area security and survaillance based on wireless sensors, drones & AI.


Autonomously recognizes unidentified objects within the secured perimeter.

Examines unidentified intrusions and alerts a system unit, such as drone, to further examine the unidentified objects or makes directly an alarm to the security personnel.

Perimeter Scout Capabilities

For military & civil applications

Highly Flexible

It can be installed in individual units, using only the wireless seismic ground sensors. It can identify animals, humans, and vehicles, i.e. all moving or static objects – living or man-made located on the secured perimeter.

Sophisticated AI

Powered by advanced AI, the platform safeguards perimeters, giving organisations peace of mind to focus on priorities.

Expandable system
for unparallel situational awareness

The system seamlessly expands to cover objects within any set perimeter, from a smaller area to entire country borders. It scales to integrate various self-defense measures, offering an additional layer of protection whenever needed.

Single platform and UI to monitor,
protect & secure

Due to the various sensors and sensor platforms embedded into it, it functions as a single platform for monitoring, protection and securing a specific relevant area.

Open architecture
industrial IoT platform

Perimeter Scout is an open architecture industrial IoT-platform where existing solutions and sensors can be integrated into the system and work as a part of the new entity.

Perimeter Defence

Remotely defend unauthorized intrusions

Warn, control, and eliminate identified threats, enabling optimal reaction.

Perimeter Defence is linked to the battle management system, feeding the data to C4ISR-systems directly allowing the usage of all weapons systems.

Perimeter Defence Capabilities

Pinpoint desired targets using different sensors and systems

Highly tailorable
& extensive system

The system extends to meet the location specifics, user needs and requirements. Linked directly to the battle management system, feeds the required data directly to the C4ISR-systems allowingthe usage of all weapons systems.

Enabling optimal reaction

At all times, Perimeter Defence knows exactly what, where and in what quantities is threatening the secured perimeter allowing the most optimal reaction to all land, sea and air-based threats at all environments.

Designed to operate similarly with other systems and operational units

The system works similarly in all environments and is designed to operate with a multitude of systems and operational units connected to the Perimeter Defence.

Target Pinpointing

The desired targets can be pinpointed using several different sensors and systems: Land surveillance radars, Seismic wireless ground sensors, Automated drones or swarm of drones and other sensors.

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Our solutions are certified with the world’s most recognized standards for security that quarantee their quality and safety, such as STANAG and other industry standards.

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