Consultancy and

Trusted by government and civil organisations, our services are proven
to empower efficient decision-making in the Defence and Public Safety sectors.

Our Services

Tailored expertise enabling superior operational effectiveness, exceeding Defence and Public Safety sectors’ increasing demands, standards, and compliances.

We provide strategic advice, guidance, and support to help you understand the best technical solutions to be adopted to meet your operational requirements.

We follow a structured process to understand your organisation’s needs and recommend effective solutions, following the key steps.

We design a systems architecture following a structured approach to create a flexible and effective blueprint, following the key steps.

We provide advice on the interoperability standards required to meet the needs of the system design following the key steps.

We provide external, independent programme management to enable robust project delivery. We ensure the successful delivery and alignment with your operational goals, by focusing on the following key aspects.

Consultancy Services

Navigating Defence and Public Safety complexities
with precision and expertise.

At Modirum Defence, we integrate profound industry insights with advanced technological expertise to deliver strategic software solutions.

Our services extend beyond software, offering comprehensive consultancy and support, enabling clients to prevent threats and enhance enforcement strategies and achieve cost efficiencies and technological infrastructure improvements.

Our reliable solutions combined with comprehensive consultancy enable organizations to respond quickly and efficiently to the rapid technological advancements and evolving regulations in the defence and public safety.

Through our tailored solutions and expert consultancy, we empower our clients to navigate complex challenges and increase their operational efficiency.


Seamlessly connecting various sub-systems and technologies for high performance.


We assess your processes and team capabilities, ensuring implementation readiness, offering full or hybrid installation model.

Technical Support

Direct assistance at your location: In-person assistance and expertise on demand. Costeffective approach where you pay only for the time spend on-site.

Technical Support

Direct assistance on military exercise locations: Exercise planning and technical software support, ensuring personalised attention and enhanced operation readiness.

24/7 Remote
Technical Helpdesk

Uninterrupted assurance and assistance: immediate response, coverage beyond standard business hours across different time zones and wide range of support – from simple tasks to critical emergencies or service failures.

Combat-proven COT Capabilities

We help governments and civil organisations overcome security threats and respond swiftly and efficiently to Defence and Public Safety challenges.

Enhanced Operational

Streamline operations with integrated, efficient
systems fostering seamless information exchange and resource sharing.

Cost Efficiency

Interoperability reduces the need for redundant systems and processes, enabling procurement, development and maintenance savings.


Depend on robust, mission-proven solutions and expertise trusted by many government organisations.

and compliance

Adherence to strict standards ensures compatibility and effectiveness, such as NATO standards compliance.

Flexibility and
Long-Term Scalability

Services and solutions designed to evolve with your expanding operational needs, following your own Customer-led tech product development roadmap.

Agility and
Quick Deployment

Enable rapid response to changing threats through proven strategies and rapid technology deployment, crucial for critical-missions.

Specialised Expertise
and Tech Support

Gain strategic advice to enhance operational capabilities, ensure compliance, and drive technological advancements.

We know that a second can last a lifetime

Which is why we customize our solutions and services to meet the unique needs and specific operational demands of each client.

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for a detailed interoperability and integration capabilities list.

Our solutions and services are meticulously tailored to align with the precise specifications and operational requirements of our clients, ensuring optimal configuration to not only meet but exceed expectations.